Skillful Hand Garden 2017 Desert Rose Catalogue(5)

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The photos presented in this website are all rights reserved. To avoid infringement of our copyrights, please obtain permission from us first before downloading or posting the photos somewhere else.The photos presented in this website are all rights reserved. To avoid infringement of our copyrights, please obtain permission from us first before downloading or posting the photos somewhere else.The photos presented in this website are all rights reserved. To avoid infringement of our copyrights, please obtain permission from us first before downloading or posting the photos somewhere else.
Desert night fork

The Secrets of having 95% germination rate for Adenium:

1. The best temperature for Adenium to survive is from 20 to 35¢J.
2. Selecting fresh seeds or seeds that are harvested during three months to sow.
3. Before sowing, soak the seeds into water for at least two to four hours. If you are using water-tube to water the seeds, you must soak them for two to four hours. Otherwise, if you water the seeds by sprinkling, you can sow them first and then just sprinkle them for 15 minutes.
4. The first week for sowing, please keep the appropriate wet for the soil in order to have better sprout.
5. Once the seeds sprout and grow two leaves, please decrease the wet of environment (soil). Before watering, the surface of the soil needs to be dry.
6. It only takes two weeks for the seeds to sprout and grow into 1-2 cm in diameter, and the temperature must be kept in the range of 22~35¢J. In addition, I have to declare that I do not use fertilizers in my soil.
7. After the seeds have sprouted, add fertilizer into water and then sprinkle them. In that way, the leaves can also absorb the fertilizers. Fertilizers used as N,P,K, for every 4 to 5 days until the plants need to change their pots into a three-inch pot.
8. The soil for the three-inch basin would require fertilizers for the long-term, which means that the Adenium would need to be fertilized about every ten days.

Picture of Sowing Experiences

About Seeds:

I use hand pollinate, so it has low possibility (20%-30%) to grow into pink adenium. Most of them have characters of their parents.
The red, white and whit with red border adenium are more stable..
Although seed is not guaranteed to look exactly like the parent plant, some will look exactly like the parent, while others may have only certain characteristics in common with the parent. This is how new varieties are created.
It needs time and luck to produce the new kinds which are better than their parents.

Basic Adenium obesum seeds: These are sold in packets of 10 seeds each assortment with a minimum order. Seeds are normally sent by Provisory Special Post and a quarantine certificate is available. Seeds are shipped fresh and will give a minimum of 75% germination (usually more); however, as is usual in the seed trade, because germination conditions and numerous factors are outside our control, no express guarantee is provided. We have never had any problems so far. If you want to buy in large qty ( 100,000 seeds ), it is better to have import licence.
If you only want to buy in small qty, I will apply for quarantine certificate for you.

2017 The Successful Artificial Pollination....

1.Pink: It reaches 85% for pink seeds to bear pink flowers.
2.White: It reaches 95% for white seeds to bear white flowers.
3.Red: It reaches 95% for red flowers seeds to bear red flowers.
4.Stripe Lined: It reaches 70% for stripe-lined seeds to bear striped-lined flowers.
5.Dark Purple: It reaches 10% for dark purple seeds to bear dark purple flowers.
6.Light Purple: It reaches 30% for light purple seeds to bear light purple flowers.
7.Peach: It reaches 70% for peach seeds to bear peach flowers
8.Red Lining Adenium with Five Petals: It reaches 20% for red lining Adenium with five petals flowers seeds to bear red lining adenium with five petals flowers.
9.Yellow: It reaches 20% for yellow seeds to bear yellow flowers

10.White petal with red curving: It reaches 95% for white petal with red curving seeds to bear white petal with red curving.
11.White Arabicum: It's very a rare variety. According to our experiences, the offsprings of Arabicum only have about thousandth of percentage could grow into the purely white Arabicum. Most of it might be grow into pink color or some of them they might grow into white with red edge or red. We¡¦ve tried many ways to improve this issue and hope it¡¦ll successful blooming the pure white flower sooner.
12. Variegated Leaves White: Basically, variegated leaves is mutant varieties. So far we still can not make sure how many percentage chance that it will grow into exactly like Variegated Leaves. We've been working on developed the better offspring of Variegated Leaves for a long time, but it still need luck to make it grow exactly like its mother plant. So before you order the Variegated Leaves please make sure that you have read this information.
13. New Double and triple layer Adenium: It reaches 30~50% for Double and triple layer seeds to bear Double and triple layer flowers.

Notes: Our seeds have been drying out for preventing from wetness during shipping in case they are ruined by mildew.
When the customers receive the seeds, we suggest them must soak seeds in the water for 2-4 hours before sowing in order to increase the germination rate.
After sowing, keep the soil wet for 10 days until the sprouts appear.
Please take care of the temperature, which will affect the germination rate directly.
The suitable temperature is between 25-35 Celsius degree.
Before you prepare sowing, you have to notice forecast not to meet the rainy days or the cloudy days for the following 7 days.
Or it will affect the germination rate.

From our experiments, the germination rate is between 75% and 98%.
The Adenium seeds I mail to the clients are all harvested freshly.
When you sow our seeds under the temperature of 20 to 35¢J.
I am able to guarantee the seeds will be able to have more than 80 percent of germination rate.
All of the seeds I mailed to my customers come from my adenium garden.
If you order white, red, and white petal with red curving adeniums, they will have 90% similarity of the pictures you see on my website.

However, the progenies of purple and striped line adenium are more flexible. I haven't been able to keep track of their originalities;
therefore, they are a little hard to be predictable.
It can be guaranteed that all of the seeds which my clients order are from the Adenium garden you see on the website.
If you want the seeds to grow better than those in my pictures, I can tell you that it happens rarely.
If you really keep the seeds under appropriate temperature, it will have a great chance to bloom like the pictures you see on my website

Shipping Notice, Please Attention

In order to let every customers receive the parcel safely, we will apply international standard Quarantine Inspection for each order.
(Especially for the customers lives in Australia,  AQIS has very strict regulation for seeds import.)
We apply for Quarantine Inspection once a week (every Wednesday, Taiwan time).

When our weekly auction ends on every Monday(Taiwan time), we'll send the total invoice for customers.
We apply for Quarantine Inspection every Tuesday(Taiwan time).
The Quarantine Inspection will be on every Wednesday (Taiwan time).  And we will send the parcels every Wednesdays(Taiwan time) after getting the Phytosanitary Certificate for each order.

If you want a prompt shipment, please do place the order before every Wednesdays am 10:30 (Taiwan), because that's the deadline for applying quarantine inspection.

Otherwise, we can not catch the deadline for apply quarantine inspection, then we have to keep your order till next week and send it on next week.  Hope you can understand.

We will send the parcels via registered airmail, but we can not control the delivery time because there are many factors to influence the delivery time, such as, weather, Post delivery policy in different countries.

Normally, it takes around 14 days to arrive USA, CANADA, OR AUSTRALIA, and 21 days to arrive main European countries.

But if you are the first time to purchase our seeds, maybe the delivery time will be delayed some days.  Because your Quarantine Department or Customs inspect the seed parcel strictly, due to they don't have your relative document.

We can not control how long will they hold the seeds for inspection.
But, according to our experiences, if you purchase next time, the procedure will be fluent.

Our seeds are the freshest. The seeds which we sell are harvested recently from our Garden.
The fresh seeds will have a three months storage period. The germination rate will over 90% during this three months.
So the seeds can afford the oversea delivery time and keep fresh.  But after sowing them if you notice the germination rate of those seeds is not well,
please kindly contact us before you leave us a negative feedback, we'll do our best to help you solve the problems.

****The seeds will be shipped in a padded envelope and accepted sent to worldwide by registered mail cost USD$4.
No matter how many seeds you bought, if your total amount is not over USD$50, the shipping fee will only cost USD$4.
And if your total amount is over USD$50, then the shipping fee will be free.

After you place the order, please kindly inform us or wait for us sending the correct total invoice to you.  Otherwise  eBay will add USD$4 shipping fee for each items you ordered.  And if you paid us the extra shipping fee, we'll send the mail asking you whether you want to purchase more seeds or prefer to refund the extra shipping fee.

****As for exporting seeds to Brazil.  Due to the Customs in Brazil doesn't admit the quarantine certificate from Taiwan, though we've tried many ways to solve this problem, but it still didn't work. From now on, the seeds we send to Brazil all will send by Ordinary mail( if you didn't ask for other shipping methods), and ordinary mail will not have the tracking number also it might take 20~30 days for it arrives Brazil. It still has some risk. But it's proper way for seller and buyers to send the seeds to Brazil now. Moreover, if you purchased over 3000 seeds in one order, then we'll packaged seeds in two differences parcels (not need to pay extra postage), just in case it might held up by the Custom. Therefore, we hope the customers whom live in Brazil, if you have any questions, please do inform us before you purchase the seeds. We'll be really grateful for it.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us anytime.
Thanks for the understanding.

Payment Instructions:

(1) Pay via Paypal (our paypal E-mail account:
or offer us your paypal account email. We will send the invoice by paypal as soon as possible.

(2) pay via WESTERN UNION. Receiver: CHI LUNG KO (CHI LUNG is the first name and KO is the last name.)

(3). By mailing newer printed US Dollar to me, Payment can be posted by registered mail. (You can wrap the money with thicker paper and put into an envelope). However, I don't suggest customers to use this way if the money is over US$100
To: Chi-Lung Ko
My address: No.2, 122 Lane, Ping Deng St, Jiali Township, Tainan County, Taiwan R.O.C. Zip code: 722

(4) By Telegraphic Transfer ( T/T ). Please assure that your payment in full amount and the service fee of your bank will not be deducted from the remittance.
[So we do not recommend our customer pay through Bank if the order amount is small.
If you want to pay us through Bank, we will charge you another Bank service fee usd25.00].

The account information are below:
Bank Address: 3F, No.210, Sec.3, Chengde Rd, Taipei 103, Taiwan R.O.C.
Bank TEL: 886-2-2380-1799
Bank FAX: 886-2-2380-1700
Swift code: APBKTWTH
Account No.: 0297283568811
Beneficiary: Ko Chi Lung
Beneficiary address:
No.2, 122 Lane, Ping Deng St,
Jiali Township, Tainan County,
Taiwan R.O.C.
Zip code: 72248
Beneficiary Tel: 0932818198

If you have any questions, please feel free to tell us.
We hope we can finish this transaction smoothly.
Thank again and have a nice day

It is not good to send a check to me, because I will need to pay the handling fees for the bank or post office to cash the check. Also, 
it will take more than one month for me to get the money. In this way, it might let the customers to wait longer to get the package, 
since we always send the parcels after being paid.

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